Mr. Karzai Calls for a Better Afghanistan

Hamid Karzai, the Afghan President, faced more than 40 ministers during the international conference held in Kabul. He is determined to take full responsibility for the rebuilding and security of Afghanistan. He furthermore states that this plan will be fully accomplished hopefully in four years time.

The White House is also taking its steps on changing its position with regard to the negotiation policies with the Taliban group. They have been somehow unresponsive with the negotiation policies.

During the opening ceremony of the conference on Monday, President Karzai stated that by 2014, the Afghan national security forces will be in-charge of the security of the country. They will not anymore be dependent to the foreign troops of US and other countries for Afghan’s security.

By 2014 also, President Barack  Obama has set his troops for withdrawal. It was also discussed in the conference the start of a transition of foreign troops as having training roles and the Afghan army will be in the front line.

The conference was the beginning of the “Kabul process” in which Afghanistan would become independent from the countries helping them, especially when it comes to security problems. President Karzai noted that this will be really messy and strenuous work, but the outcome would be for a better Afghanistan.