Kennedy Library Plans to Launch Their Documents on the Internet

The library for the president who conceived the innovative Frontier is incoming an innovative frontier of its own: It is the initial presidential library to create all of its documents accessible online.

The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation is planned to create the declaration, days prior to the 50th anniversary of inauguration of Kennedy.

JFK Library Director Tom Putnam says, “Our wish is to arrive at a latest generation of people worldwide.  For many of young people, if something isn’t on the Internet, it doesn’t survive. This democratizes our worth. You don’t have to move toward here or depend on others, be it reporters or biographers for their understanding.”

The launch ends a four-year, $10 million try to digitally records on 200,000 documents; 300 reels of audio tape, including over 1,245 telephone calls, speeches and meetings; 300 museum artifacts; 72 reels of film; and 1,500 photos. AT&T, EMC, Iron Mountain and Raytheon supplied hardware, software and technological capability.

Caroline Kennedy, daughter of Kennedy and foundation president, and chief archivist of the United States, David Ferriero are anticipated to come out at the National Archives in Washington.

John F. Kennedy Library Foundation(photo credit: galenfrysinger)

The initial digitized presidential library not just holds historical importance however must broaden the 1,000-day Kennedy presidency to a latest generation of people who use up most of their time on the Internet, library officials say.

Ed Schlossberg, library board member and the husband of Caroline Kennedy says, “It helps searching and considerate in habits that were beforehand just accessible to scholars and reporters, and that creates access self-governing.  Our modern historical description has altered to be completed of several voices and a lot of composers; and this supports the alteration.”

Historians acclaimed the project and anticipate other presidential libraries to digitize all their documents. A presidential scholar and author of An Unfinished Life, Robert Dallek: John F. Kennedy, 1917-1963, says it is a “marvelous” chance for “concerned parties” to increase unregulated access to thousands of historical documents.

A history professor at University of California-Riverside, Catherine Allgor says: “I would expect people turn out to be just as concerned away from the official papers, and appear at the paperwork of the first lady, Cabinet members and staff.” That documentation provides an extra curved sight of the president, the people around him, and the political process, she says.