Kindle Fire tablet sold out, Amazon

On Thursday, Kindle Fire tablet has been sold out after less than an entire year, according to Amazon.

Amazon affirms that ever since Kindle was introduced in September of 2011, it has attracted 22 percent of the sales of the gadget.

The current IDC estimate of the shipments, Amazon could have sold way more than ten million units of the tablet. IDC estimates 51.6 million tablet units for the entire year of 2012.

CEO and founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos explained that Kindle Fire is considered sold out, but they have a very exciting plan for all their consumers. They will still continue to provide and offer clients with best items with the best prices and customer service.

Bezos further noted that as long as the history of Amazon sales is concerned, the tablet is the most successful product luanch in Amazon.

Amazon is selling membership for only $79  coverage of one year. This membership permits the member to borrow e-books, free shopping, and instant streaming of movies and TV shows.