Kosovo’s Independence

Nationalists and other freedom fighters from Taiwan, Xinjiang and Somaliland to Sri Lanka, Georgia and West Country of England will be expecting some statement from the United Nations’ internal court of justice with regard to the independence of Kosovo from Serbia.

Vuk Jeremic, the Serbian Foreign Minister, led the opposition against the unilateral decision of Kosovo’s independence stated that Kosovo’s freedom might cause breakage of the “nation-state paradigm.” He also stated that this event might be also doing a great damage to the nation.

Kosovo Independence

The acceptance of Kosovo’s independence received many comments internationally. It is suggested that this acceptance might be perceived as a sign that there are no rules.

Serbia is now facing prospects that Kosovo might be recognized internationally and this increase threatens Serbia. This includes Kosovo’s probable membership to the United Nations, and as part of its freedom and history, Kosovo is looking for territories it hopes to own. This specific event needs to be tackled with in-depth research for Serbia and Kosovo territories. Kosovo’s independence also opens its gates for Europe.

This independence could trigger disturbance in the minds of the people. Common sense and self-interest might dictate the acceptance of this result.