Latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS Gets Leaked Out

Google-Nexus-Logo-with-Android-Ice-Cream-LogoThe initial pictures of the most awaited “Ice Cream Sandwich” upgrade to the Android smartphone operating system were revealed to the world on Thursday.  The latest interface features a new launcher and app drawer, a refurbished notification bar and color changes favoring a certain blue hue.

Other latest features include a panorama mode for its camera, a new theme for Gmail that matches that blue hue, and the capability for some older gadgets to run the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.  And on the bottom right, it appears there is an app launcher that may work similar to Windows 7 “Start Ball.”  Neglecting so far as an edition number which Google is still keeping a closely guarded secret.

Since Android is the top one smartphone OS throughout the world, with 43.4% of the smartphone market by market share, some people could not wait to observe what Google has in store with the next update of the ever-present OS.  Symbian is in a far second place with 22.1 percent, while Apple’s iOS is in third with 18.2%.

The two sites that acknowledge the photos were not saying where they got the leaked data, far in advance of the reported release date of Ice Cream Sandwich throughout Thanksgiving or perhaps as soon as October, according to Android OS.

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  1. Ice Cream Sandwich is packed with weird and wonderful new features, a dramatically changed interface and fonts, and improved camera software, plus tons more. We won’t be able to get to every feature here, but we will cover the big stuff.
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