Latest Crime-Fighting Technology, Now Adapted by Bethlehem, Phillipsburg Police

The Bethlehem Police Department has been by means of — an online graphical border that charts out crime sites for about a year and is tremendously satisfied with the imminent the gratis service gives.

Information from the city’s offense register is penetrated into the San Diego-based Omega Group’s website every night and both officials and society can sight crime prototypes in the region.

Lt. Mark DiLuzio, who guides Bethlehem’s detectives, said that, “I employ it all the time presently to stare at prototypes, it facilitates. It demonstrates you where you are being strike.”

Phillipsburg Police

The cash-strapped town probably cannot give the extra software and improves that would give unlimited data preservation and additional psychiatry tools, but still the incomplete window can assist notice tendencies.

The Phillipsburg Police Department has applied a latest SMS-technology called Tip411 that permits persons to incognito book information to police in New Jersey.

The agenda that is function by Citizen Observer functions in 27 states and it encrypts phone numbers so that the receiver does not recognize what phone number started the message.

Chief Ed Mirenda said that he believe it’s going to be a large assist if it’s used correctly and populace aren’t frightened to use it. In arrange to converse incognito with the Phillipsburg police; consumers can text the word “Tipppd” to 847411 (or Tip411).

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