Latest Google Latitude

Google creates so many services and offerings that several just stay running in the background even with no extensive acceptance. Latitude is one the services which is already two years old, and has 10 million users and has made small buzz.

It appears like Google is perhaps trying to alter that as it has brought in a check in feature for Latitude that binds in lots of the different components of Google’s site options similar to Maps and Places.

In the Google Mobile blog: it says “Latitude is constructed right into Google Maps for Android so check-ins works across Latitude and Maps flawlessly. For instance, check in at that original hamburger joint, and you’ll observe its Place page with reviews to assist you order. When friends check in at a place, you be able to go directly from their Latitude profile to its Place page to study about it, fire up Google Maps Navigation (Beta) for turn-by-turn directions to them, and more.”Google Latitude

Google has completed several uncomfortable starts and stops trying to obtain to several appearance of a social offering. This newest move rather links the gap among the Place Page push and site based alternatives. Fascinatingly adequate, though, there is no talk about of Hotpot in the blog post or the video. It’s the silo-ing of these different pieces that appear to desire to fit jointly that creates it hard for users to really accept the entire package. If merely Google would get the time to really ‘productize’ Places, Hotpot and Latitude in a means that would create sense to the standard end user they may have more achievement in breaking the social barrier.

Do you observe this mixture of different components serving to go Google out of the social media doghouse? Otherwise will this be one more attempt that runs out of steam like Buzz and others?

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