Latest Improvements in Firefox’s Newest Browser

firefoxWanting to get your hands on the next major revision of the Firefox Web browser of Mozilla?  The official release for Firefox 6 is scheduled for this Tuesday, but Mozilla has by now thrown up the installation files on its FTP for industrious and impatient users to download and install.

Unluckily, a setup program is not release notes, so what precisely are you going to observe in this following iteration of the browser? Several changes coming in Firefox 6 are under-the-hood fixes planned to boost the speed and compatibility of the browser. For instance, Firefox 6 will now accelerate its startup time for those with a ton of tabs and groups: Users will be able to choose whether they desire to load up the entire of their tab groups at the launch of the browser, or load these tabs up in the Panorama of the browser grouping tool.

A new permissions tool (accessed by typing “about:permissions” in the address bar of the browser) will provide users an opportunity to set site-specific permission levels for saved passwords, cookies, location-sharing, pop-ups, and images, to name a few options.  Tweaks to Firefox’s add-on manager consists of the addition of a brand-new plug-ins check which will allow uses automatically check whether they are running the newest editions of the entire of their extensions with but one click of the mouse.

The final “big change” that non-developer Firefox users will observe is new treatment of Mozilla of domain names in the address bar of the browser.  Domain names are now tinted with a little highlight, only to make it easier for users to tell what site they are on after a quick glance at the address bar.

Additional developments to Firefox 6 include a performance boost for Linux users, with increased support for developers in the form of a Scratchpad tool for testing JavaScript in the browser and an enhanced edition of the Web Console of the browser.