Latest INQ Cloud Touch and Cloud Q Features Facebook

It’s not precisely a “Facebook phone,” regarding the rumors that have amounted to something but it’s close! INQ is an abstruse cellphone company, although now with this, they are obtaining on the map in a large way. The company has a moment ago released the Cloud Touch and Cloud Q phones, together of which are “Facebook centered.”

The INQ Cloud Touch is an Android 2.2-based phone with complete touch-panel, whereas the Cloud Q is very similar phone with the accumulation of a QWERTY keyboard. Together phones feature tri-band HSPA, a 3.5″ touch-panel, 5MP camera and above-average Facebook support. There is even a devoted Spotify key, which turns this into the final social networking phone. It is obvious that INQ is marketing this phone in the direction of consumers who cost networking first, and calling next.

INQ Cloud Touch

The two gadgets will have a Facebook Social Graph API that places your most significant Facebook data front and middle on your homescreen, and there is a keyboard technology that’s derived from SwiftKey. That way that it will have world-class forecast technology, therefore typing your next Facebook condition must be a gentle wind.

The Cloud Touch is thought to open in April, whereas the Cloud Q ships in Q3; costing for both remains up in the air. Currently, the actual inquiry is this: will Facebook accept this plan and really get it one step advance with a Facebook-branded phone?

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