Latest Windows 7 Update is Named Mango

Microsoft seems to be getting a fresher, more health-conscious tack with Window Phone 7 although Google has chosen to name updates to its Android OS following unhealthy sweet treats like Cupcake, Frozen Yogurt, and Gingerbread.

According to the reports, the next main improvement to Windows Phone 7, code-named Mango, will appear for a moment afterward in the year and it will come loaded with a quantity of productive upgrades.

Included in the upgrade will be new applications, such as Angry Birds and Internet Explorer 9, as well as augmented reality features that pair with a device’s camera. Angry Birds may come to WP7 devices as early as May, along with the new Windows Phone Developer Tools, while both Skype and Spotify will roll out in the fall.

Windows 7 Update Mango

New applications are included in the upgrade, like Angry Birds and Internet Explorer 9, and increased actuality features that couple with a gadget’s camera.  Early on May, Angry Birds might come to Windows Phone 7 gadgets, together with the latest Windows Phone Developer Tools, although Skype and Spotify with even out in the fall.

Joe Belfiore, director of Windows Phone program management presently informed the viewers at MIX11 conference in Vegas, “We felt it would be better to be a little bit patient, make sure that when we get updates out that they would happen reliably, and, unfortunately, that caused a delay in getting things out.”

No exact date or timeframe for Mango has been out, and may be it’s because of rapidity bumps rolling out WP7 updates of Microsoft in the past that have sourced   the company to keep quiet.

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