Lecturer Foretells the Upcoming Second Sun

According to the news.com.au, the second largest star in the group Orion may perhaps turn out to be second sun of Earth before 2012.

The senior lecturer of Physics at the University of Southern Queensland, Dr. Brad Carter, said Betelgeuse is losing mass or ‘fuel’ in the middle and will detonate when it runs out, making a second sun in the nighttime sky.

Dr. Carter said, when the giant star, which is really brighter than the Sun, explodes, there will be no night for some weeks on Earth. The report said, however there is no assurance concerning when the supernova will happen: It might occur tomorrow or in a million years.

Second Sun

Several have declaring the imminent supernova shows the prediction of Mayan calendar for the apocalypse in 2012. However, according to Dr Carter, the supernova blast will give Earth with constituents supportive for human endurance.

‘The first we will watch of it is a rain of small particles named neutrinos when a star goes strike. It factually creates things like gold, silver – all the heavy elements even things similar to uranium.’

Dr Carter moreover wonders the blast might result in the formation of a black hole concerning 1,300 light years from Earth or a neutron star.