LG Display on mass productions on in-cell panels for smartphones

On Thursday, the chief executive officer of LG Display Co. Han Sang-beom stated that this month the company has began a mass production of the supposed in-cell panels, which is the latest technology widely anticipated to be in the next iPhone of Apple Inc.

According to the CEO, the company had some hard time building up the new technology. However, they finally had overcome those hard times with the in-cell technology as the latest progress in the industry.

Moreover, this new kind of technology is expected to be used by Apple. The primaru objective of this is to allow the screen of a smartphone to look thinner compared to what it is now. Rivals like Samsung Electronics Co. will likely to keep up with this tough competition.

On the other hand, Han explained that the LG Display would be back to an operating profit within this quarter. The company experienced a profit loss during the second quarter of about $175 million in payments to settle with a price-fixing lawsuit in US.