LG Electronics Curved OLED TV will hit Market Next Month

LG Electronics introduced their curved OLED TV sets in the Consumer Electronics Show last January in Las Vegas. They were prototypes that time but recently, LG made an announcement that the curved OLED TV sets will hit the market and will start deliveries on May. With this, LG will have the bragging rights of being the first curved OLED TV manufacturer to offer the device in the market.

The curved television sets uses the Organic Light-Emitting Diodes or OLED which makes it possible for the screen to become more thinner and flexible that allows curving. According to LG Electronics, the 140 cm or 55-inch model of the curved OLED TV will cost $13,550 or 15m Won. The sales will start first and will be limited yet to the South Korea market.

Both Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics competed in this curved OLED TV prototypes in the Consumer Electronics Show but they did not announce the market release. Maybe it just happen that LG Electronics was the first to successfully get the TV function perfectly. But we are also looking forward to what Samsung Electronics has to offer in their curved OLED television sets that will surely follow in LG’s release announcement.

LG Electronics Curved OLED TV

The advantage of these companies is that they both have separate divisions that exclusively work in their display panels and other components. Unlike other companies and competitors, they have to buy components from third party suppliers. That is why they have issues on component shortages like HTC and their delayed flagship phone HTC First. And buying components from other companies doesn’t give you the right to claim the technology exclusively.

LG’s curved OLED TV is only 4.3mm thick and only weighs 17kg. It features an imax-like viewing experience which makes it a perfect tv for your living rooms and entertainment rooms.

(via: gizmodo)