Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer Quitted her Case

Lindsay Lohan was expected to surrender for jail on Tuesday but her lawyer quitted hours before the said trial.

Lohan’s lawyer, Roberto Shapiro, took Lohan’s case just a week ago. But according to, Shapiro already quitted the case after he visited the judge on Monday. Later that evening, a source from Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said that Shapiro was no longer holding the case.

lindsay lohan
Lohan was said to have a schedule to report to a judge at Beverly Hills on Tuesday morning. This is because of her case for violating her probation in a 2007 drunken driving and possessing cocaine. The said meeting will be also the start of Lohan’s 90-day term in jail.

Shapiro was best known for defending the football player O.J. Simpson in 1994. It was recalled that Simpson was accused for murder, but Shapiro successfully defended his client and was found not guilty. Today, Shapiro cannot be contacted with regard to why he dropped off the case of Lohan.

Lohan’s career started when she was 11 years old, starring in the movie “The Parent Trap.” Her career flourished when she did roles on “The Freaky Friday” and “The Mean Girls.” But in 2007, her career flopped when she became addicted to alcohol and drugs.

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    This girl is really nasty. Hard to like her. Though she’s quite beautiful

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