LinkedIn Becomes Largest US Social-Networking Site Next to Facebook

LinkedInLinkedIn, which is focused on job seekers and recruiters, exceeded MySpace to turn into the No. 2 social networking service in the US previous month, increased by its first public offering in May.

According to a Reston, Virginia-based ComSore report, for the month of June, the company had 33.9 million visitors, up 63% from a year before, while Myspace had 33.5 million, down 50%. Facebook stayed the biggest social networking site with 160.9 million US visitors, up 14%.

The IPO of LinkedIn increased its profile with shareholders and assisted in building publicity throughout the Mountain View, California-based company.  According to ComScore, it has posted two straight months of increases.

To keep expanding its user base, LinkedIn is putting features like a modified news feed and a visual map that discovers how users are related.  Shares of LinkIn increased by $5.62, or 6%, to $99.60 on Saturday on the New York Stock Exchange, setting a latest high. The May 18 IPO costed the shares at $45.

ComScore said Twitter was the No. 4 in the US with 30.6 million users.  That was up 14% from the preceding month and a 31% increase from a year before.  News Corporation approved to sell MySpace to Specific Media for $35 million, a part of the $580 million News Corporation paid six years ago.

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