Technology, Adapted by Long-Distance Caregivers

According to a latest study, most long-distance caregivers, those who reside at least an hour from a receiver of care, believe technology may perhaps enable them enhanced at the job.

It was discovered that 83 percent of long-distance caregivers were possible to go round to technology for assist, the study out by the National Alliance for Caregiving and UnitedHealthcare. . That is measure up to with 74 percent of all caregivers questioned for the study.

In study participants fifteen percent were thoughtful for somebody at least an hour left from home, for instance a parent or grandparent.

One of the kinds of technology that requested to long-distance caregivers and every other caregiver: a phone with video capacity or an Internet-connected computer with a webcam that permits a caregiver to sign in on a loved one when the caregiver can not be there in person. Sixty-one percent of the entire caregivers reviewed said such technology would be helpful.

Dr. Richard Migloiri, executive vice president of UnitedHealth Group said that “We recognize that our nation’s caregivers frequently place the desires of their care recipients prior to their own, which be able to negotiation their individual health and make a worrying way of life.  It’s hopeful to observe that caregivers are open to including technology into their caregiving custom as a means to create their jobs easier.”

long distance caregivers(photo credit: pittsburghinhomecare)

Family caregivers give an anticipated $375 billion value of uncompensated care to loved ones every year. The National Alliance for Caregiving approximates there are almost 66 million such caregivers in the United States, in place of 31 percent of U.S. households.

All of the caregivers reviewed were most receptive to technologies that assist them bring, monitor, track or coordinate a health care of their loved ones.

Additional result of the study consists of:

1. 77 percent of caregivers reported that a website or software program that may perhaps assist them track a care recipient’s health records would be helpful.

2. 70 percent of caregivers pointed out that a joint electronic register for their loved one’s doctor appointments and other caregiving wants would be useful.

3. 70 percent of caregivers alleged that a gadget that be reminiscent the patient concerning his or her instruction medications and dispense pills when they must be taken would be helpful.

4. 69 percent of caregivers were open to utilizing a smartphone prepared with caregiving apps.

5. 62 percent of caregivers alleged they would support utilizing a TV-based gadget, like a Wii Fit, that allows a caregiver timetable physical activities and mental games for a care recipient.

6. 47 percent of caregivers have utilized an electronic organizer or calendar to assist them.

Technology to help seniors and family caregivers is a quicklyt-growing industry; several analysts forecast it will be a $20 billion market by 2020.


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