Lorenzen Wright Found Dead

The former NBA player, big man Lorenzen Wright, was found dead in the woods of Memphis. Wright was shot to death and authorities are investigating the case, finding it as homicide.

The police won’t answer questions, particularly on his killer and the killer’s motives. According to background information, Wright is respected and admired in his hometown because he was considered as a generous and likable sports hero.

According to reports, Wright was carrying large amount money when he disappeared on July 18. It was also cited that Wright had sold two of his cars to someone associated with Memphis’ drug ring that was also suspected on six deaths.

Lorenzen Wright

On July 22, Wright’s family reported him missing. Investigators repeatedly said that they did not found any foul play in the death of Lorenzen Wright. His mother furthermore reported that it’s not a normal thing for his son to be not at home for a long time, and that he might have large amount of money with him.

Reports said that Wright was last seen being dropped off at a restaurant by a woman. Later on that day, he was brought to his ex-wife’s house in Collierville. His ex-wife, Sherra Wright, told the investigators that Lorenzen left her home at the middle of the night with someone.

Court documents show that Wright had sold two cars to a Mr. Bobby Cole in 2008. Affidavits of the said business deal did not show that Wright had knowledge that Cole was affiliated with drug distribution charges or if they already knew each other.

Until now, Wright’s case is still investigated. A lot of Wright’s friends, like Penny Hardaway and Kevin Nelson turned up on the day Wright’s dead body was found.