Lytro: Shoot Now, Focus Later

If you think you have the latest in camera technology, you are wrong, here comes something totally new…in shape.
It’s known as the Lytro, and it fetures the “light field technology.” To put it briefly: You can shoot now and focus later.

Keith Jenkins, NPR’s resident photo expert, explains: In summary, the camera captures not just the color and the intensity of light alone but also the course of the light – coming from every possible angle.

This might be confusing, don’t worry you are not alone…

This might be the best explanation: Say you like a band and watched them live and you want to record them while playing. You can’t expect a great result with just one microphone in the middle of the room. What you do is you record their instruments separately in a studio. This way, you can mix and control every element.

So you get it now how Lytro works? Lytro is just like recording every element.
We do not understand fully what occurs inside this new camera, maybe a great deal of sensors. In a nutshell: The concept is to gain as much details as possible to provide you with with additional control following the photo is taken.

For photographers, this might be a cutting-edge. No pressures in taking photos anymore – you don’t have to be worried about focusing perfectly during the moment. This is also an opportunity to test out with artistry in a different way.

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