Magnificent Images of Solar Flame Recorded

Magnificent Images of Solar Flame RecordedA solar flame exploded from the sun in an inspiring exhibit confined by NASA cameras, although scientists say the medium-size occasion will have a minimal impact, if any, on earth.

NASA said, the flame hit the highest point and made a big cloud that came out to cover about half the surface of the sun. A cloud of charged atoms exploded from the outer ambiance of the sun and was projected to pass by earth previous day or today, grounding a minor disturbance to captivating field of the earth, according to the statement of National Weather Service’s Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colo.

The chief of the space weather laboratory at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. Michael Hesse, said, “This wasn’t really such a big event. It was spectacular to watch, but not big in terms of hazards to the earth.’’

Joe Kunches, a space scientist at the weather prediction center said that the cloud might be the reason of short disruptions to high-frequency radio communications. He said that Global positioning gadgets as well might create small mistakes.

He added, the aurora borealis as well might be more noticeable today or tomorrow night.

Hesse said, pictures of the flame were recorded by the Solar Dynamics Observatory, an orbiting satellite.  The photos and video were the most fantastic that the satellite has detained since its launch previous year.