Mark Zuckerberg Tops 50 Highest Rated CEOs while Tim Cook Dropped to 18th Place

Every year, Glassdoor conducts surveys across the country from various industries This year, they have surveyed thousands of employees and ranks the 50 highest rated CEO in 2013. The results are finally in and it is quite exciting. Glassdoor released a list of the 50 CEOs and in the list is the CEOs approval rating from 2012 and 2013.

For this years top rated CEO, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook got the highest place.

Despite the lawsuits and users reaction to changes and transformations such as the graph search and timeline, Mark Zuckerberg still got a 99% approval rating. Facebook’s CEO increased the rate by up to 14% compared to last year.

On the list, 20 of the CEO’s are from the tech industry. Jim Hagemann Snabe and Bill McDermott from SAP gets the 2nd place. Paul Jacobs of Qualcomm is in the 8th place, Larry Page from Google is in the 11th place, Jeff Bezos of Amazon got the 16th place, and many more!

Last years top rated CEO, Tim Cook of Apple Inc., dropped to the 18th place. He only got 93% approval rate from last years’ 97%.

Mark Zuckerberg 50 highest rated CEO

Sadly, there were no female CEO’s that made it in this years survey. Meg Whitman of HP was in the list last year with an approval rating of 80% but her rating dropped down by 1% this year and wasn’t able to get a chair in the Top 50. Though Marissa Mayer of Yahoo got a high approval rating of 87%, Glassdoor did not include her on the list because there were only few employees from the company (Yahoo!) who reviewed their CEO.