Mayor Jayne Peters and Daughter Found Dead

Mayor Jayne Peters of Coppell, Texas and her teenage daughter were found dead in their home, Tuesday night. A shot killed both of them. After the polices’ investigations, they said that there is a possibility of murder-suicide.

Both Mayor Peters and Corrine Peters got shot in the head. Council members began to worry when the Mayor did not appear in her meeting.

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In the crime scene, police did not find any evidences of forced entries. Until now investigations are not yet done, investigators are also expecting of more things that they will uncover.

Mayor Jayne Peters had taken care of Coppell, a city with a population of 40,000. She was also a contract software developer and served the council for more than a decade. Pater’s husband also died because of cancer in 2008. Their family is very active in the church and community activities.

City manager Clay Philllips said, “tremendous loss for the city, the community and region.”