Mercury Astronaut Shepard Gets Salutation from New Stamps

Two latest space-related postage tramples come out nowadays.

The U.S. Postal Service will offer latest Forever tramples treating the Mercury Project and the Messenger mission at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the first U.S. operated spaceflight.

Astronaut Alan Shepard impoverished into the Freedom 7 spaceship at Cape Canaveral for a 15-minute trip on May 5, 1961. It was a significant first for the United States, which encouraged Washington’s winning push to land a U.S. astronaut on the moon by the ending of the decade.

Mercury Astronaut Shepard Stamps

The Mercury project trample features a figure of Shepard, the Mercury-Redstone rocket that approved him into space and his Freedom 7 spacecraft.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, KSC Director Robert Cabana, and Mercury astronaut Scott Carpenter and Shepard’s daughters are predictable at the caller complex for the devotion. Today’s rite kicks off two days of proceedings related to the Shepard centenary. Shepard died in 1998.

The extra trample being revealed today traits NASA’s unmanned Messenger mission, which fell into course around Mercury in March after a 61/2-year trip from the Space Coast. Messenger’s objective is to make known Mercury’s secrets.

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