MetroPCS promotes its 4G LTE plan for $55

There’s a new 4G LTE plan out for those who are budget-conscious consumers. MetroPCS is on the move and may hand major carriers some tough competition.

The carrier’s newest 4G LTE plan is available as a promotion, providing unlimited text, talk, and 4G LTE data with a charge of only $55 per months for one line. For a family, they can use this promotion by paying just $50 per month for the succeeding lines. The expiration date is open-ended, even though the deal is offered as a promotion.

According to Thomas Keys, the President for MetroPCS, the end of the promotion will only rely on the customers’ adoption rate, saying that setting an artificial timeline is not included in their options.

Moreover, the company affirms that individual subscribers will be able to save up to $2,200 over a two-year contract than subscribing to other carriers.