Microsoft’s Quarterly Financial Projections Have Been Aided by Xbox 360

xbox-360-logoMicrosoft has gone beyond analysts’ quarterly financial estimates, with strong sales of its Office software and Xbox 360 games console leading the charge.

According to the report, the company increased a record of eight percent in income, taking in $17.4 billion.  The company as well observed a four percent boost in income, taking in $6.2 billion.  In spite of the increase in income, the reports were not all well.  The Online Services division of the company, which houses its flagship Bing Search Engine, saw its ongoing loss extend losing $728 million on incomes of just $662 million.

Analysts were as well quick to indicate that Microsoft’s Windows division as well observed a loss, with income decreasing by one percent.  The reports approached in spite of a two percent increase in PC sales, which saw a four per cent loss in profit.

The loss in revenue was recompensed by a growth in Business and Entertainment & Devices Divisions of Microsoft.

The Business division of the company observed a healthy seven percent boost for the quarter, meaning that it has enjoyed a 16 percent increase for the financial year as a whole.  This increase was largely because of a growth on its Office software’s sales.  The software suite saw sales going beyond the 100 million mark.

The Entertainment & Devices division of the company, which produces and develops the Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE, observed a 30% increase in revenue for the quarter and a huge 45% boost for the year.  Microsoft featured the increase as, “due to the ongoing momentum of the console, Kinect and Xbox Live.”

The reports came only after tech-rival Apple released its own quarterly figures, exposing profit increases dwarfing those of Microsoft.