Microsoft and Google Against Geotag

The two opponents Microsoft and Google are joining up to take legal action  against Geotag, which has prosecuted on 400 companies for disobeying a copyright that it obtained for many years ago. The copyright composed of a system for placing store date on a map, and both companies disagree that it must in no way have been approved for the reason that of previous art.

The copyright itself has been approved around from owner to owner throughout the years.  Geotag was turned out of an Antiguan firm that bought it for $119 million.  The company has a Web site, although its only asset appears to be the copyright and it does not have some products for sale.

Microsoft and Google

Together Microsoft and Google have customers who utilize the Bing Maps and Google Maps APIs on their Web sites, so the companies are attempting to avoid Geotag from prosecuting these customers while also challenging the copyright.

The meaning of a “patent troll” is in the eye of the beholder, obviously, although it is exciting that Geotag is based in Plano, Texas, where the latest federal court house for the Eastern District of Texas was established in 2008.  To place it as quietly as possible, that district has a history of being tremendously approving to little claimants in copyright violation suits.

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