Microsoft Attacks Google’s Gmail Privacy

Microsoft Corp., on Thursday, is planning to reveal a new online, print, and television advertising campaign that is criticizing Google’s Gmail privacy. Microsoft is believing that this is one of the great vulnerabilities of Google.

Microsoft’s campaign will be showcasing researches that will show what you do not know about Web e-mail providers like Google. One ad will show a research that the Web e-mail providers scan the contents of the users e-mail messages to deliver customized advertisments to them.

If Google’s Gmail service was only a physical product, then these steps of Microsoft would be equated on putting a sticker stating “Warning: Google is creepy.”

This method has been done by Microsoft against Google. most recently was with an ad campaign along with a slogan “Scroogled” over the holiday season. This campaign has attacked Google for compromising shopping search results and its quality. Prior to this one, the company also critiqued Google on its privacy and highlighted an errored personification of Gmail.

Microsoft Attacks Google's Gmail Privacy

Furthermore, in the past few months, Microsoft has been investing more in its attacks against Google.

On the other hand, supporters of Google say that the ads presented by Microsoft are offensive. Others say that this is the very last solution of an unsuccessful company with a rivalry against Google.



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  1. February 8, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    The only thing that will happen is that Microsoft makes good advertising for Gmail, many people today still do not know about Gmail and will be curious and maybe will switch to Gmail.

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