Microsoft Ends Up ‘Software and Services’?

In the extended times gone by “you’re not on your ass” press releases from main corporations, Microsoft’s (MSFT) announcement of the departure of Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie is the strangest one to be considered.

But what it means for Microsoft savers is bad reports, as explained on this blog post written for Research 2.0 in February 2007 (and which emerges on SeekingAlpha as a nameless obedience).

Microsoft Software and Services

Essentially, Microsoft has to make a decision whether it needs to be a value, or just be the guy that creates the dynamos. Or the emotional motors. Or the circuit breakers. It is significant to keep in mind that Ozzie’s tactics are still not unavoidably Microsoft’s plans. There is also a Ballmer preparation and Bill Gates hasn’t retreated yet.

Ozzie uses the word “software and services” somewhat than software as a service, even though that would be a pace back to the 1990s. If Microsoft attempts to bestride that barrier, its financiers will be the ones that feel the ache in the center.

All the illogic and asset troubles following the ‘and” in the word software and services in manifold places have been recurred while, typically right after the yearly Microsoft monetary psychoanalyst day each July.

Microsoft not at all made the bound to software as services that it wanted to make and Ozzie was annoying to architect.  Ozzie’s leaving to follow other benefit or give up work or play video games or anything Steve Ballmer is chatting about in this strange statement means Microsoft chose mistake.

This is the sophisticated leaving that Larry Ellison should be remarking on.