Microsoft Fans Keeping an Eye on Nokia as it Rolls Out Windows Phones

nokia smartphoneThere has been reports already regarding Windows Phone devices from the likes of Samsung, HTC, and LG.

However what Microsoft fans are trying to keep an eye on are definitely the reports which will be originating from Nokia World from London this week.

The Finnish company which is the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturer by devices, has bet all of its chips on Microsoft company, stating that it could well be utilizing Windows Phone on all of its smartphones. Microsoft, for the time being, is depending on Nokia to create the Windows Phone os a critical competitor in the world smart phone market.

Wednesday, in its yearly convention, Nokia is anticipated to introduce its very first Windows Phones. For Nokia, which witnessed its spot in the smart phone market dominated by Android smart phones, Wednesday signifies the start of the chance to show that Stephen Elop, new CEO and the former Microsoft executive, was right in opting to associate with Microsoft along with a chance to stop Nokia’s share of the market from deteriorating even more.

The company’s share from the worldwide smart phone market has delved. It struggled a third-quarter total loss of $94 million, experienced a second-quarter net sale loss of $512 million; and reported 10,000 layoffs this current year.

For Microsoft, that has experienced a tough time getting grip in the smart phone market, Nokia’s global reach can be a an opportunity to climb out from the domination of Android, Apple and RIM.