Microsoft asks Apology for Banning ‘Fort Gay’ Gamer

The giant Microsoft American software has shattered an egg into its own face later than pitching a gamer from its Xbox Live service since he programmed ‘Fort Gay’ as his place of home.

Particularly, Josh Moore, a 26-year-old of Fort Gay, West Virginia was primarily puzzled after being learned by a Microsoft consumer services agent that his account had been hovering because of the use of unpleasant terms – specifically the ‘Gay’ in Fort Gay, a small town with just 800 residents.

Moore stated in an Associated Press report “In the beginning I thought, ‘Wow, somebody’s thinking I reside in the gayest town in West Virginia or something,’”


Moore’s bewilderment quickly misrepresented to frustration, though, when tries to straight the uninformed Microsoft employee to Fort Gay’s zip code through Google fell on hearing-impaired ears.

Additional to that, Moore was as well advised that if he tried to resubmit Fort Gay by his outline details, his Xbox Live account would be enduringly cancelled and he would be unable to find his pre-paid fees.

He added, “I was angry, it makes me think like Microsoft hate gay people.”

As per AP report, it received Moore joining up the aid of Fort Gay’s mayor and a local television station to reason Microsoft to recognize its mistake, restore the suspended account and issue its discontented Xbox Live customer with a request for forgiveness.

Stephen Toulouse, director of policy and enforcement for Xbox Live insisted that “Completely, an error was made here, and we have restructured our training to account for that.”