Microsoft penalized for violating EU antitrust order

On Wednesday, European regulators have fined Microsoft with an amount of $731 million. This is a punishment for failing to put up with an antitrust sanction, which fortifies the long-established perseverance of EU on fair competition.

Additionally, this huge amount of fine also warned that Europe would not be easily influenced by Facebook and Google to back down from increasing individuals’ online privacy rights. This is a policy that the United States media and tech companies compete, interfering online advertising’s global development.

According to a principal analyst at a tech industry research firm Pund-IT, Charles King, this very event draws attention to the importance of considering laws and customs for global companies. If the companies do not do this, then they’re nearly asking for the kind of punishment EU has charged over Microsoft.

Microsoft penalized for violating EU antitrust orderOn the other hand, Microsoft has taken over its full responsibility for not being successful in giving its European clients an option of web browsers in distributing about fifteen million copies of is Windows 7 OS, wherein the company cited a technical error. Microsoft had corresponded to do the part in accordance to the 2009 sanction that closed out an extended antitrust inspection handled by the competition commission of EU.