Microsoft Says Tablets will not Use Windows Phone 7 Operating System

Windows Phone 7 will not be used by Microsoft as a tablet operating system, according to the company.

Windows Phone president at Microsoft, Andy Lees, said the corporation did not believe its mobile phone operating system would be suitable for a tablet tool. “We view a tablet as a PC,” Mr. Lees said, talking at the company’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles.

Mr. Lees said that definite purposes from the desktop edition of Windows, such as publishing and networking, would be necessary for tablet consumers. Microsoft’s site is approximately the conflicting of that of Apple, one of its key competitors and the present manager of the tabloid computing market.

When Apple expanded the iPad, it made the gadget to run on similar iOS operating system utilized by the iPhone.  Even though iOS allocates similar roots as OS X, desktop operating system of Apple, it is extremely obviously a mobile product.

Google appears to share Apple’s view of tablet operating systems.  Android is its offering as a tablet operating system while its Chromebooks run on the Chrome OS.

This week Microsoft is holding its partner conference in Los Angeles. The CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, accepted that Windows Phone 7 was still “very small” compared with the contest.

He said that he expected the platform to grow very soon.   Mr. Ballmer informed attendees at the conference, “It’s been a heck of year and you are going to see lots of programs in that market as we move forward.”