Microsoft: “Stop Using IE6”

Microsoft is prepared to go further than Internet Explorer 6.  The software giant has opened a latest website, The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown that carries the slogan: “Moving the world off Internet Explorer 6.”

They have written at length concerning the problems made by the continuous usage of Internet Explorer 6 here at Mashable.  With the exemption of particular corporate/government environments and intranets, the urging for continuous usage of Internet Explorer is all but over.

On its latest website,, Microsoft is creating its most determined attempt so far to obtain users to back off from the decade-old browser. As the location speaks in its preamble, “10 years ago a browser was born. …It’s time to say goodbye.” The objective of the website is to acquire Internet Explorer 6 usage to fall to below 1% worldwide.

Internet Explorer 6

Present Internet Explorer 6 practices on a worldwide level is 12%, although in several parts of the world, that figure is below 5%. In the U.S., most recent numbers of Net Application point out that 2.9% of web users are still utilizing Internet Explorer 6.

The website has connection to grounds why users must upgrade, documentation for corporate network that require traveling to a latest browser and banners that webmasters be able to insert in their locations, alerting users that they should upgrade.

This is all fine and excellent, however we in no doubt anticipate that there is a multi-lingual edition of this movement. We speak that for the reason that the bulk of IE 6 usage moves toward from China, where 34.5% of users are still on Internet Explorer 6. South Korea, India, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam also still statement over 10% Internet Explorer 6 usage.

Honestly, we are glad to witness Microsoft get the time to press on for the death of Internet Explorer 6. It’s an extended time approaching and the quicker we are able to go on to more current browsers, the better the web ecosystem all together will be.