Microsoft Surface Pro ad launches despite supply-constraints

Microsoft Surface Pro advertisement is out, but complaints about its supply also grows.

The recently released ad for Microsoft’s Surface Pro focuses on its business benefits such as the pen input.Of course, it also puts emphasis on how light the products is, which is two pounds only, and a good bend to the USB connectivity and touch interface. However, the ad probably won’t win over irritated consumers who cannot have the products in their hands.

While the ad is a very good promotion for the the Surface Pro, there are still a lot of consumers who complain about the product’s supply.

At the official Surface Blog, one comment stated that he already went to three Best Buy Stores and two other shops and found out that Surface Pro’s been sold out. Others noted that they wanted to trade up their iPad 4 for the Surface Pro, because it’s much lighter and bigger space of 128GB.

Microsoft Surface Pro ad launches despite supply-constraints

The new Microsoft Surface Pro has been immediately sold out both in online stores, Microsft stores and other stores selling such kind of products.

According to Microsoft’s Surface team headed by Panos Panay, the company is currently working with their retail partners who are already out of stock of the 128GB Surface Pro and restock supplies as soon as possible.

Surface Pro sold out much faster this time unlike any other Microsoft tablet/PC product. The challenging question the company is facing today is did they stock a quantity of Surface Pro tablets to cater consumers?