Microsoft: Tango Is for Developing Countries

windows phone tangoThis year we got wind of the codenames for the next two editions of Windows Phone operating system of Microsoft:  Tango and Apollo.  It is been widely speculated that Apollo will be Windows Phone 8 and that Tango will be a little update like the NoDo update that Microsoft issued prior this year.  Be grateful to Honk Kong site We Love Windows Phone, who was in attendance at a Microsoft conference getting place on their home lawn, we currently have corroboration from Microsoft employees that Tango is certainly not going to be a main update, Goal viewers of Tango is places like China, India and other developing countries, Tango handset must arrive in at a relativity inexpensive contrasted to other Windows Phone gadgets, and that Apollo will certainly be the next main update to Windows Phone.

Does this signify that Microsoft is with determination going to part their operating system merely to obtain their Bing Services in front of more eyeballs, therefore driving up advertising incomes and locking in a whole generation of people into an ecosystem they didn’t necessarily indentify had several rivalry in rich Western Countries?  Oh right, Ovi, which Nokia places on the weakest smartphones to ever be released, all in an effort to push their brand into faces of the people to protect them from jumping aboard the Android train.

At present it’s a bit early to criticize Tango since we don’t have all the necessary information, but if Microsoft does certainly plan on making a “poor man’s Windows Phone,” after that they should reorganize their technique.  The $200 smartphone of 2014 will appear of the $500 smartphone of today, so there is no need to make an unnaturally crippled edition of an operating system to expand the user base.