Microsoft to Acquire Perceptive Pixel

Microsoft Corp. plans to acquire large-scale multi-touch display producer Perceptive Pixel Inc. as the software company seeks to use the displays in its Windows 8-based PCs.

As Microsoft getting prepared for it’s announcement for the new Windows 8, they are also planning to acquire Perceptive Pixel Inc., a large-scale multi-touch display producer. According to some sources, they are going to use this for their new OS, or produce their own tablets and take on with other tablet manufacturers in the market.

There were no details about the deal yet.

Founded in 2006, Perceptive Pixel first shipped their first produced display solutions after a year. They got known to various companies after having their displays used in CNN and other broadcasters during the presidential elections in 2008. Their products were used in education sectors, engineering, as well as the government.

The acquisition of Perceptive Pixel is a great way to increase productivity and collaboration possibilities, according to Kurt DelBene, the president of Microsoft’s office division.