Microsoft to also End Support for Internet Explorer 6 and Office 2003

Microsoft will end the support for their Windows XP on April 8, 2014. After the date, security updates, fixes, and patch updates will be stopped for this operating system. It is already time to move on from the ancient Windows XP.

The support that will end is not only for the operating system alone. Supports for Internet Explorer on Windows XP, Exchange Server 2012 SP 2, and Office 2003 will also end. No worries for the newer Service packs as it will still be supported.

39 percent of interenet users still use the Windows XP OS. They continue to be loyal with their OS and it seems that they don’t have plans in moving on to the latest OS’s such as Windows 7 or 8 and other platforms that will also come in the following years. If they continue with this, malware and other viruses could feast in them as a result.

There could be some factors too why people just don’t switch to newer operating systems such as unwillingness, economic and compatibility.

It has been running for more than a decade now, some are hopeful that Microsoft will change their mind and will continue the support for a lifetime. It has been running for more than a decade now

Microsoft is still encouraging their customers to change to the newer OS’s. This move of ending support could be heavy for them but this is the most effective way of telling their users move on to Windows 7, 8, and the other upcoming OS’s.

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