Microsoft Tops Over 30, 000 Apps for Its Windows Phone

microsoft windows phoneMicrosoft’s Windows Phone platform perhaps would not be the close to the top when it approaches to market share, however it is acquiring there when it approached to the quantity of apps accessible in its Windows Phone Marketplace.

The newest numbers from Windows Phone App List, a website that catalogs the quantity of app in the Marketplace, illustrate there to be more than 30,000 apps accessible.  Microsoft has arrived at this number in a simple 10 months from the Marketplace debuted.

Despite the fact that these numbers light in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of accessible for iOS of Apple and Android platforms of Google, when compared with other smartphone OSes, like BlackBerry OS and webOS, Microsoft has hopped fairly a bit in advance in a short quantity of time.  This increase is just probably to go on as the latest Windows Phone Mango update and fresh, new phones running it make their way into the hands of developers and users comparable.