Microsoft Prepares Windows App Store

With Apple’s App Store and Android’s Market both running in to some hundred thousand apps and making developers millions of dollars with the two largest games in town, it just appears usual that others would desire to vex the triumphant formula; though the new short period of app store-mania appears to be viewing no signs of stopping. Nowadays, released screenshots come out to show that Microsoft is jumping on the app store bandwagon, and counting their take on Apple’s money-printing model in the forthcoming Windows 8.

We have at present formally misplaced count of how many app stores are floating around out there, although with recent release  of Amazon of their “Android Appstore”, we believe this places the total at anywhere around a million.

Microsoft Windows App Store

Exposures go several ways in the directions of explaining why Microsoft is attempting to watch on the “App Store” trademark away from Apple, who, for their part, are doing all they can to defend it, lately suing Amazon for utilizing the shortened “appstore”.

The leaked screenshot shows a quantity of Microsoft products nestled in the store, as well as Office and Security Essentials, together with the popular Opera browser, and that veteran of several app stores, Angry Birds. The Windows App Store has previously passed a round of interior testing and is prepared for a public beta, so we might hear more concerning this very soon. Although Microsoft foregoes public testing, with Windows 8 programmed for a release next year, you would not have to stay long for so far one more place to unload those onerous credit card details.

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  1. December 7, 2011 at 9:11 am

    I was expecting some thing like this. Windows gonna test this appstore with its future product Windows 8.

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