Microsoft’s may be a tight rival for Google’s Gmail

Microsoft has a new offer to its supporters now. Their email service known as Microsoft Outlook is now on an upgrade and they named it as This is not just an update to its free email service, but it’s also going to be a punch against its major competitor Google.

According to Microsoft, will be replacing the very famous Hotmail. On Tuesday, Microsoft declared the new email service, remarking that the revised webmail service is considered as an immense revamp, which permits the accounts to be coordinated across a variety of devices. This also consists of the combination with social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Despite the fact that Microsoft is planning to replace Hotmail with, they also hope that it will be substituting the Gmail service of Google for a number of people. This could be a primary blow to a company that has become one of the major competitors of Microsoft. They will be contending on quite a few fronts, which include free email services, operating systems, cloud-based enterprise applications, and browsers.

Moor Insights & Strategy’s analyst Patrick Moorhead stated that even though a lot of people depend more on social messaging than email, email remains to be the ideal way for a long form of communication.

According to Dan Olds, Gabriel Consulting Group’s analyst, is definitely a close rival to Google’s Gmail, and a very solid rival. For now, Hotmail still has more users compared to Gmail, and it wants to maintain the lead, or expand it if possible, which is something easy to do.