Minecraft for Xbox 360 Reached 3 Million Sales Mark in just 2 Months


The extremely popular, classic-looking, world-building game or whatever you call it, Minecraft, just set a record of surpassing 3 millions sales in its debut on Xbox 360 consoles in just a short period of time. Just proves how much people love this game.

A tweet coming from the Notch Persson, the founder of Mojang – maker of the game, said “I got told Minecraft for XBLA passed three million sales today!”. An Xbox version of the game was released on May 9.

The number of registrations in its official site, Minecraft.net, keeps piling up and growing. 35 million just signed up today showing their interest in the game, and about 6.7 million bought the game.

According to some sources, it’s not a surprise anymore reaching an enormous sale within just 2 months. To think, the game sold a million of copies in just 6 days since its release on the market. The company enjoyed a record-breaking mark on the first day.

An update for the Xbox 360 version was released last week including addition of clay, cactus, lightings, stackable fences, as well as bug fixes and some features.

A handheld version of the game was also released in August for people to play anywhere and whenever they want using their Android or iOS devices.