Minecraft Sales Milestone and Update 1.6 Adds Horses to the Game

The world-building game, Minecraft, has never been this good. It has hit the 10 millionth sale milestone, clearly a huge success for Mojang who created the game.

Minecraft started so humbly and simple. Even now, if you try to play the game, it doesn’t have the most complicated graphics and actions like the more celebrated Simcity or Modern Warfare. From being independent struggling and thriving to a superstar!

Notch and the Mojang team made quite a good profit from their efforts in further developing the game. Their company now belongs to one of the most successful game developers.

The reports of the sales came from the Minecraft team, today. They carefully kept an eye and counted each copies sold of the game in all platforms including Linux, Mac, and Windows. The team even have a site dedicated to counting and keeping track of Minecraft. What’s more interesting is that the reports were only from desktop users and doesn’t include those from the mobile versions and Xbox Live Arcade.

With this success, lead developer Jens Bergernsten has announced another version of Minecraft, the 1.6 which will include horses.

minecraft 1.6 horses