Mobile Technology Business Golden Bytes, Bought by Mobile Interactive Group

The Mobile Interactive Group (MIG), leading mobile and digital communications business proclaims the achievement of mobile technology, marketing and services company Golden Bytes International B.V. (GB) among GB’s operations in Netherlands and Belgium, rapid tracking the reach of MIG services into Europe.

The achievement will observe GB take on the MIG brand and facilitate MIG to present its huge range of services and technology, as well as the expansion of mobile internet locations and apps, user knowledge design, fidelity and digital builds, mobile marketing and advertising, and mCommerce to accessible GB customers, with new clients in the near future. An investment in intensification local sales and marketing, technical and operational sustain has been integrated into the arrangement, to allow the even incorporation of MIG’s worldwide technology platforms and services and to let the business to more get bigger into other European markets.

Mobile Interactive Group

The CEO and Founder, Mobile Interactive Group, Barry Houlihan remarked, “As part of our widespread international development plans, MIG particularly aimed Golden Bytes to provide the business more attain, expanding our worldwide footprint to cover the UK, USA, Australia and currently Europe. The mixture of knowledge, experience, services and technology will bring superior worth and more engaging familiarities to clientele using our platforms, and will give considerably to our margin and income increase worldwide.

CEO, Golden Bytes International B.V, Jonathan Kenny commented, “The acquisition from Mobile Interactive Group is a tremendous boost for our business, bringing huge benefits to all at Golden Bytes. More importantly, it will also deliver a host of benefits to our customers, enabling us to provide them with the best technology platforms and services available in the market.”

Golden Bytes International B.V was obtained purely throughout presented funds for an unnamed amount.

MIG got mobile marketing and CRM provider Piri Limited to widen the technology of the group and services presenting across the mobile services worth sequence in June 2010. More lately MIG posted strong financial consequences for 2010 detailing 46% gross profit margin boost, 30% staff increase and an income increase of 15%.

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