Re-launching of MobileMe in April

MobileMe subscriptions will no longer be sold by Apple, as confirmed by the emails sent by the company to its suppliers.

iLounge released the news, alleging that Apple will release a major update of its MobileMe service, including latest features like online storage.

This current service, pricing $99, enables users to store calendar and contacts data.  The new service could leverage Apple’s cloud to store its own files in a personal locker, and is absolutely expected to be free.


Music, photos and video storage services are also offered by the latest MobileMe version.  This also allows iOS 5 users to synchronize their gadgets with the cloud.

Apple proposes to suppliers to sign up new users on the 60-day trial offered to all consumers until the new version of MobileMe is launched.  A media event in late April would have the announcement for the new service, together with iOS 5.

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