Motorola Mobility to cut off its workforce and offices by 20%

The New York Times reported that Motorola Mobility is planning to cut down its workforce by twenty percent and shut down almost a third of its offices all over the world.

According to the new Chief Executive of Motorola, Dennis Woodside, as the company is planning to go out from unprofitable markets, end the making of low-end devices and gadgets, and just focus on a small quantity of cellular phones instead of dozens, they will be cutting off their workforce. One-third of the four thousand jobs will be coming from their departments in United States.

The company also plans to cut down its Asian and Indian operations, as well as its center research and development in Sunnyvale, Beijing, and Chicago.

Moreover, the parent of the company which is Google Inc. has already sketched the first few steps to turn the ailing phone maker.

Google Inc., on the other hand, approved to purchase Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion the previous year. This is intended to use the patents of the company to keep away legal attacks on its Android mobile platform and develop beyond its software business.

Furthermore, Google also has slashed off the management of Motorola by releasing forty percent of its senior officials.