Motorola to close operations in South Korea

On Monday, Motorola Mobility LLC has started announcing to its staff that it will close most of its operations in South Korea. This area has been a very difficult market to penetrate since the company is a non-Korean cellphone maker.

Now that the company is a unit of Google Inc., Motorola Mobility will close its research and development, as well as its cellphone sales in the said country. However, they announced that the company will still continue to market telecom equipment and will remain offering its customer support.

According to a technology research firm Gartner, Motorola Mobility gotten a share of 0.2% of the cellphone market in the country. The share percentage was recorded during the first nine months of 2012.

The statement of the company tells that the modifications in the country has reflected their plans in consolidating Motorola’s global efforts in R&D in order to foster collaboration. Moreover, this is to put more focus and attention to the markets wherein the company is positioned at its best and compete efficiently.