Motorola Wins First Ruling Against Apple

motorola vs appleApple Inc. has encountered a loss in its patent lawsuit in opposition to Motorola. An administrative law judge (ALJ) together with the ITC or International Trade Commission released a first judgment late on Friday, stating that Motorola didn’t infringe three of Apple’s mobile phone patents. The judgement signs possible difficulties for Apple, although it still has to face the acceptance from the ITC panel.

Motorola and Apple are already involved in rounds of cases both in the ITC and with the Federal court since 2010, when Motorola first charged Apple of breaking an array of its patents covering up device synchronization, 802.11 technologies, antenna design, GPRS, 3G, and a few more. As it is common for these patent quarrels, Apple Inc. straight away answered with counter suits, proclaiming that Motorola’s Android-based mobile phones have been infringing Apple’s intellectual property.

Friday’s judgment is not yet the last statement from the ITC, and the six-person panel does not usually rule much the same way as the ALJ. However, the judgement is definitely a sign that Apple’s IP fight in opposition to Android might not be as simple as former Apple CEO Steve Jobs could have anticipated when he stated he wished to “go thermonuclear war” up against the platform.

Apple has not yet made a comment publicly about the initial ITC judgment, Motorola appeared to be quick to announce out a successful report for its early win.