Motorola Xoom Tablet Gets $800 for Price this Feb. 24 Launch

It now seems to be guided to Best Buy stores on February 24 for a hefty $799.99, Engadget reports, disregard the previously rumored launch date and cost for Motorola’s Xoom Android tablet.

It’s more credible than any extra reports we’ve seen previous to, while the news approaches from a Best Buy sales flyer. It’s also unsatisfactory, while the $800 price tag creates the Xoom dreadfully mutually respectful alongside the iPad or other Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The Xoom was one of our favorite gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show last month, but there’s small possibility that it will be clever to take off now known the absurdly high costing. As well, Verizon is actually forcing customers to buy data contracts when they pick up the tablet, which creates it even more luxurious for those eager to disburse $800.

Motorola Xoom Tablet

Piece of the Xoom’s costing problem stems from the detail that Motorola is merely contributing it with 32 gigabytes of storage and 3G abilities, upgradeable to 4G finally. In contrast, Apple’s 32GB iPad with 3G costs $729 with no any agreement necessary. The Xoom is strictly more able than the iPad — it sports cameras for taking photos and video conferencing in addition to a senior decree screen — but most customers will only observe it as amazing more luxurious.

The Xoom will run Android 3.0, which denotes it will present a spiffy new tablet border and can also have fun some influential 3D games.

Motorola would have been improved off gift a WiFi-only unit with less storage, in addition to the flagship 32GB model, to attain a inferior price tag. Now I think most customers will only be absent with label upset

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