Mozilla Develops a Mobile Operating System

mozillafoundationlogo250x235Non-Profit Software group Mozilla has exposed preparations to create an open source mobile operating system (OS) codenamed Boot to Gecko (B2G)

The organization makes one of the most well known web browsers in Firefox and is hopping into the mobile OS space. When B2G is complete, it will compete with Android, IOS and Windows Phone 7.

“We want to take a bigger step now, and find the gaps that keep web developers from being able to build apps that are – in every way – the equals of native apps built for the iPhone, Android, and WP7,” according to Mozilla.

“To that end, we propose a project we’re calling Boot to Gecko to pursue the goal of building a complete, standalone operating system for the open web. It’s going to require work in a number of areas.”

These locations comprise web application programming interfaces (APIs) for abilities like telephony, camera, USB and close field communications.  A benefit model will make sure that these APIs are “safely exposed to pages and applications.”

Mozilla as well sees the desire to prototype a low-level substrate for Android gadgets. Applications need to be selected and ported or latest ones created to test and prioritize the power of the system.

The project is in its very early stages still, but nevertheless the ball is rolling and Mozilla is recognized for obtaining things done quickly, like its quick development versions of Firefox.  Mozilla is eager to keep things out in the open and Andreas Gal, a specialist at Mozilla said, “We want to do Boot to Gecko the way we think open source should be done. In the open, from day 1, for everyone to see and participate.”