Mozilla is Getting Ready to Enter iOS

When using your iPad for browsing, you will opt in for its default browser known as Safari, but there are also alternatives like the Dolphin, Mercury, Atomic, Skyfire, and Opera Mini. If you notice, the biggest consumer platform Mozilla is absent.

Good news for the Mozilla fans, the company is on the way – developing its application and getting ready to enter the iOS. The browser is called ‘Junior’.

Still in the testing stage, Junior is the simplest browser in iPad having only a few buttons – a plus symbol for accessing pages, bookmarks and the search bar, and a back button.

The company is aiming for a browser that is neat – no clutter – and simple. When browsing, it will take the whole screen and only showing the buttons, but these buttons also has more functions like print, reload, etc.

If you are looking for this app in your iPad now, don’t expect that you’ll find this. It’s in the testing stage for now and will only be available as soon as they finish everything.