Mozilla Justifies Its Fast Development Release Cycle

firefox-logoMozilla has announced an Enterprise User Working Group to calm concerns regarding its quick release schedule for its products.

Discussion, fears and problems have occurred over the quick release of Mozilla of its Firefox web browser.  The firm aspires to reply questions and assist users with its Enterprise User Working Group.

The group is a “place for enterprise developers, IT staff and Firefox developers to discuss the challenges, ideas and best practices for deploying Firefox in the enterprise,” according to Mozilla.

Mozilla is justifying its regular release cycle with the fact that life online is evolving fast, meaning that it’s dangerous for the firm to carry developments quicker to cope with the changes.

The online group will be a place for users to talk about challenges, suggest thoughts and have questions replied surrounding the deployment of Firefox and hear about the plans of Mozilla.

One of the major purposes is to “establish a unified governance body around enterprise users of Firefox.”  To attain this, the group will have conversations in person with monthly phone meetings.

The current edition of Firefox, version 5, was released almost exactly a month following the Beta version.  The browser war is fierce with huge companies like Microsoft and Google competing for downloads and market share.  It appears that web browser updates and latest editions are key elements to making people believe a firm is ahead of its competitors.

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  1. sophia
    July 21, 2011 at 5:09 am

    I just uninstall Firefox for its rapid updates and get Avant browser back. Don’t like it and don’t understand why they do this. You said” it has moved to ‘rapid development cycle’ to get new features into the hands of users as quickly as possible” but I didn’t feel the new features in the new versions except some add-ons.

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